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towards a knife block

January 13, 2008

Most knife blocks that are offered in the shops suck. The cheaper ones are made of blocks of (often tropical) wood glued together in some factory of far far away (I don’t want to think by whom), and the slots are subsequently cut out in some automated process. Most of them look shabby and are in fact too expensive for what they represent in terms of woodwork and functionality.

Then there is a huge variety of high-end design thingies, which only seem to be better, but are they really? First of all, even the chef’s knife blocks (ought to be ‘knives’ really: blocks for several knives owned by one chef) might have been assembled in places where we wouldn’t want to visit – who knows these things? And even here, there is always a slot of a size missing and a bunch of another size too many. How annoying isn’t it to spend a fortune for something gleaming in stainless steel and plastic only to have to keep the cleaver, the boning knife and the standard size chef’s knife in the drawer in any case? (more…)