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word of an indian melody

May 28, 2010

Finally a new restaurant review; it’s been almost a year. One reason for the delay, of course, is the Generic English Pub. It always begins with that I want an ale, and then I end up eating fish and chips. I like fish and chips, but I won’t write reviews about it. But now I went into a real restaurant. Here is what I found.

After an evening rehearsal at St. Mike’s in central Southampton, a snack was in order and, more by chance than by design, my colleague and I stumbled upon and into Indian Melody, a new vegetarian/vegan restaurant on High Street (see another bunch of reviews here).

The menu is impressively long and slightly intimidatingly outlandish. After asking for a few more details, we found our way to two light dishes, a mixed spiced rice bowl with some freshly made condiments and a touch of fresh cilantro, and a crisp sort of large pancake with a deliciously juicy fresh cheese and vegetable filling. I’m bad at names, forgive me. (more…)


all veggie 4-star stew

September 10, 2008

One thing not to compromise when you work without meat is yumminess. What ingredients have Yum? Well, tomatoes do, olive oil, braised onions – that sort of stuff. So here’s an autumny veggie stew based on these ingredients: (more…)

bean sprout salad

June 7, 2008

My daughter is about to move to Utrecht all on her own and study there. She also wants to try eating vegetarian. This is the test. Am I able to provide some useful recipes or will she starve?

My daughter is actually her own boss, thank you very much, and she can cook. But there is no reason not to publish this bean sprout salad in any case.

A nice thing about Holland is that bean sprouts have entered the universal diet and are available fresh and cheap everywhere. Sweden has them only in Eastern markets, and I have had quite a few batches that sort of crept out of their bags. No amount of chilies can help in such a case. (more…)