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all veggie 4-star stew

September 10, 2008

One thing not to compromise when you work without meat is yumminess. What ingredients have Yum? Well, tomatoes do, olive oil, braised onions – that sort of stuff. So here’s an autumny veggie stew based on these ingredients: (more…)



January 27, 2008

The tomatoes are a watery pink and they taste like cold dishwater (“Dish-waterrr” squeaks Helium*). It is late January. Someone in the newspaper writes pessimistically that Sweden is just not the country for tomatoes in winter. If I remember well, Holland wasn’t either. There, in January, Tomatoes came from Spain just as ours, and they were just as watery. (Funny, isn’t it, how I can afford to generalize in this outrageous manner. That’s what a consistent product profile does to you.) January is, simply, a time for compromises. One way to go is to buy organic tomatoes, which sometimes are in fact better; and the tendency is definitely upward, with ever more people buying organic food and encouraging the market.

But even organic tomatoes grow slowly in January, on this half of the earth. The person from my newspaper recommends canned tomatoes: not the three-cans-for-a-buck kind, or the pre-chopped ones, since they contain more juice and fewer tomatoes. You ought to buy whole, nice, red, Italian canned quality tomatoes. I agree, although I had to find a compromise out here, where the whole canned tomatoes, most of the time (inexplicably) are called Eldorado or Euroshopper, and are rather of the translucent, watery kind. The organic canned tomatoes of the brand Kung Markatta, on the other hand, are chopped, or “krossade”, as the Swedish language makes them (the word evokes fantasies of large splintery objects being crushed to bits in a huge hydraulic press of some sort. Think Goldfinger…). But they come from Sicily, (more…)