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game symphony and other swedish pizza

March 27, 2008

I thought that low tide in Swedish spring was reached during this year’s edition of the annual song contest, with Christer Sjögren’s abysmal sixties-schlager-revival song “I love Europe” and the flopped joint venture ( link updated 1 Sept 08) of Carola and that other cowboy, but no. We are bracing ourselves for the next big event: the Nordic Championship In Pizza 2008.

Nordic Pizza? But of course. (more…)


runaway pizza

January 16, 2008

Shortly before closing hour the other day, a pizza restaurant in the next village 8km from here was invaded by two men carrying a gun-like device (they probably called: “have you got the dough…”). However, before anybody could hand out the prizes, they suddenly turned on their heels and ran away. The police are baffled: why didn’t they stay until they received some cash on top of the adrenaline?

I knew that the pizza of that place usually is undercooked, soggy and flavorless. But they must have gotten much worse to make their arguably most-eager-guests-ever run in that fashion.