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what to do with slices of lamb

September 10, 2008

The leg-cross-section of lamb is popular. It is a great cut for all those who do not care to jeopardize their dental health on over-priced, bony and unfathomably structured lamb-chops but who have no time for the preparation of a whole roast.

The challenge, then, is to prevent these bits from
– curling or cupping during the preparation
– getting tasty but remaining tough
– remaining too rare
– reducing into flavorless bits of cardboard.

Here’s how: (more…)


breathe (mach e hauch…)

December 14, 2007

Before I became a musician, the people visiting the workshop of my father usually stayed in my mind not because of their artistic achievements but because of their stories and jokes. One went like this:

— Guess what I’ve eaten
— ?? No idea. Breathe (“mach e Hauch”)!
— Hmmm. Onions??
— No.
— Breathe again.
— Hmmm. Garlic?
— No.
— Breathe again.
— I don’t get it. What have you eaten anyway?
— Wild strawberries…

If you ever wondered, why someone has dumped two cups full of one-inch-thick raw red onion rings on top of your lunch salad, you now know the answer. They want you to tell this joke at the afternoon meeting.