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fish and soy sauce

April 20, 2008

Some friends had lovingly introduced us to Swedish surströmming (see this story). As a matter of returning a favor, we exposed them a little later to our experiments in Indonesian cooking. One of the recipes that I tried on one of these occasions was Bandeng bumbu ketjap, according to the Dutch-Indonesian Keijner cookbook (I have also posted here about this book).

Bandeng is Milkfish. I must admit that I do not know its taste. Everyone says that mackerel is a good substitute for Bandeng. On the other hand, it seems rather unlikely to me that mackerel works as a substitute for anything else than mackerel.

In any case, there was no Bandeng in Borås at the time, so I did take mackerel for this recipe. (more…)


spanish pub-style mackerel

February 7, 2008

The story of this recipe starts with a pile of fresh octopus, an abundancy of chopped garlic, much white wine and an excess of olive oil in this restaurant in Cadiz:


Needless to say, this experience was followed by a sleepless night in the hotel, but the basic concept nevertheless struck me as so successful that I wanted to try it at home, using fresh fillets of mackerel, skin on. (more…)