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Split Banana The Review

October 15, 2010

In this particular case, I am exerting my right to use caps in my headline. With good reasons. What I dutifully announced here has finally been tested, thoroughly and with increasing bliss. The Split Banana Ice Cream Parlor in Staunton, Va.

It all started like this:

We see here a thoughtful founder with his crowbar, considering the administrations necessary to create what eventually was to become one of the most awesome ice cream and gelato venues I have ever seen.

How it turned out is more or less like the picture here above, with people moving eagerly around in front of the counter to get a better idea of the stunning selection of flavors, and others moving equally fast behind, to serve their customers in the best and most effective manner.

During two weeks of intense work, I have tested the majority of flavors and styles available at the Split Banana. What I found is a stunning example of how well the simple philosophy, to use high-quality, preferably locally produced, ingredients, can work out, if the preparation is then inspired by an unfailing dedication to perfection.

During my stay, I was, for example, the witness of a significant upgrade of the Pistachio flavor which was excellent to begin with. The upgraded version could best be described as gelatified freshly roasted pistachios-in-a-bowl, of an intensity I had never tasted before.

Many of the flavors are surprising, not always in their suddenness and intensity, but often in their subtlety. Whereas, for example, the coconut bounces around in your mouth shouting Fresh! Fresh! in a silly giggle (the best coconut ice cream – or was it gelato? – I ever had), the Virginia peach (in September just as fresh as the former) is astonishingly mild and mellow, and not half as belligerent as your average up-sugared fruit products tend to come across. (more…)


banana chunkz 1977 style

March 23, 2008

The recently announced Split Banana in Staunton is, we hear, a smashing success. Their ice cream is too good for words; great enough to make people return multiple times and once more; people line up on the pavement all the way to Waynesboro – okay, only half the way. The story of the day that came through the phone punctuated by attacks of howling laughter is the creation of (more…)

split banana announcement

March 17, 2008

If you are in Staunton Va. one of these days, make sure to visit the new ice cream parlor The Split Banana on 7 West Beverley Street just beside the Baja Bean Co. They’re opening today, March 17.

I was one of the first to put a crowbar between some planks on the first renovation day last October. That was about all I ever did at the Split Banana. (Look. I was on vacation.) Being snowbound in a side street of West Sweden at the moment of writing, I’m not there to test their products and to make snarky hands-in-my-pockets remarks about their work flow.

Split Banana’s ice cream was presented for the first time yesterday at an open house of Taylor & Boody, organbuilders (here’s the page). Private rumor has crossed the ocean that it was “wonderful.” Today it is 43 degrees F in Staunton and sunny, good enough for some real-ingredients shop-made ice cream, no?