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liver?? liver.

March 10, 2008

Another one of the conventions that apply to TV cooking shows (see my previous post) is clearly that things need to look nice, and that everyone should sound like they taste nice as well. On this German show a few days ago, one person fried slices of liver.

There was a pedagogical episode where he pared off the skin and the (as Marcella Hazan calls them) “large gristly tubes.” This is an absolutely necessary, and rather fiddly, administration. One of the common horrors of liver consumption is one’s bite-for-bite confrontation with tough bits of membrane. The meticulous cleaning is the very thing that makes liver possible.

Then came a rather more dubious episode where the slices entered a frying pan and stayed there altogether too long. (more…)


crêpe nonsticce

March 9, 2008

Prologue: I am making a batch of crêpes or pancakes. I am using a cast-iron frying pan that has been around for a while, so it behaves almost like a non-stick pan. I’m using whichever oil or fat I have – no, I actually use sunflower oil. The first pancake sticks to the pan. After that, no pancake ever sticks to the pan again.

There is this German cooking show, where Johannes B. Kerner jogs around and breathes down the assorted necks of a couple of chefs and cooks, who are preparing a joint dinner, and says “ist ja toll” and “hmmmm!” and other friendly things. Luckily, Kerner doesn’t sign up to the tradition of making painfully distorted faces every time he tries something. German TV is improving. (more…)