oven time I

As usual, Swedish January brings us an inch closer to madness. So now we have this new fad: do everything in the oven. It becomes nice and warm in the kitchen in the process.

The whole thing started with Robin coming back from Virginia with a new oven-roasted cabbage chunks idea. There it’s an element of lean cooking (I hear) but over here, Robin chopped half a red cabbage in large big chunks, put them in a cast-iron pan with a lid (one of these nice ones with internal goosebumps to auto-baste the roast), salted them and coated the chunks with olive oil. The oven on medium-high, everything is baked until done (semi-soft would be the term), turned several times in between. I am sure that a handful of chestnuts, pre-cooked in red wine, wouldn’t be wrong here either. This is easily one of the best ways to do cabbage (and we haven’t even tried the goose fat yet).

Next time we had a combo of red pepper strips, eggplant slices and onion wedges, plus the oil and some frenchy herbs. Garlic, of course. The pepper becomes a bit gloopy by itself, but is necessary for the sauce that eventually forms, and the eggplant turns out like a dream.

Today we pot roasted wedges of fennel and French onion together with olive oil, salt and pepper. Call us nuts, but this is good.


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One Response to “oven time I”

  1. erinblanton Says:

    I do, truly, think this is the best way to eat cabbage.

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