what to do with slices of lamb

The leg-cross-section of lamb is popular. It is a great cut for all those who do not care to jeopardize their dental health on over-priced, bony and unfathomably structured lamb-chops but who have no time for the preparation of a whole roast.

The challenge, then, is to prevent these bits from
– curling or cupping during the preparation
– getting tasty but remaining tough
– remaining too rare
– reducing into flavorless bits of cardboard.

Here’s how:

I first prepare the lamb slices by removing the skin all around and by making one cut per piece towards the bone in the center.

In a large and heavy frying pan, I very slowly brown a good amount of onion cubes in olive oil adding a sprig or two of preferably fresh rosemary. When the onions are all soft, I push them to the side of the pan, add garlic and put the slices of meat with the bone still in their center into the medium-hot oil.

I now cook the meat for quite a long time on one side, taking care not to move it around in the pan. Eventually, some juice will emerge on top of the slices. Put on the kitchen fan and continue cooking on the same side for at least one more minute.

Turn the slices around in one movement using tongs or some handy tool, while turning up the heat to medium high. Add freshly ground black pepper and sprinkle quite liberally with salt. Do not overcook. Half a minute or so after the now emerging juice starts to bubble, transfer the meat to a pre-heated plate, turn the heat to high, add a glass full of white wine, stir in the onion from the side of the pan and reduce the sauce until it thickens. Pour the oniony sauce over the meat and serve.


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