bean sprout salad

My daughter is about to move to Utrecht all on her own and study there. She also wants to try eating vegetarian. This is the test. Am I able to provide some useful recipes or will she starve?

My daughter is actually her own boss, thank you very much, and she can cook. But there is no reason not to publish this bean sprout salad in any case.

A nice thing about Holland is that bean sprouts have entered the universal diet and are available fresh and cheap everywhere. Sweden has them only in Eastern markets, and I have had quite a few batches that sort of crept out of their bags. No amount of chilies can help in such a case.
So we need:

Fresh nice juicy bean sprouts, enough to fill a soup bowl or pasta dish at ease; washed and spun dry (you know, in the salad sp-unner).
Half a red chili pepper (the bigger sort, not the screechin’ hot variety), without seeds, sliced in half and then diagonally into beautiful thinthin strips.
2 to 3 tablespoons of Japanese-style soy sauce.
Each one teaspoon of very finely chopped garlic and ginger root.
1 teaspoon of honey or brown cane sugar.
A drop or two of sesame oil.
Vinegar or lemon juice to taste; one can also cut fillets of a quarter lemon (that is, cut out the flesh without the membranes) and dice them neatly.
A tablespoon of roasted sesame seeds.

The ingredients are mixed together as a dressing, which is slightly sweet and hot, and should be pretty sour and salty. The dressing gets poured over the bean sprouts, and the whole is mixed well.
No oil, except for the drop of sesame oil!

A variety would be to toast the ginger-garlic in oil for a short while. Add the chili strips and stop the cooking after stirring once or twice with a dash of white vinegar. Off the stove add the soy sauce, perhaps a little bit of water to compensate for the loss through evaporation, and the rest of the ingredients. Check for taste and adjust, pour the whole over the bean sprouts while warm.


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One Response to “bean sprout salad”

  1. michiko280 Says:

    Props to your daughter!

    ps. I love bean sprouts 😉

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