lemony chickpea soup with salmon

The last scoop-in-the-pan of home-cooked chickpeas is usually too watery for hummus. But it is a perfect starting point for chickpea soup.

The following recipe is slightly too much for two. No, maybe it isn’t.

I sauté a cup or so of finely cubed carrot and half a cubed onion in olive oil. If you have really fresh really red peppers, you could add some of these as well. A little later, I add a chopped clove of garlic and cook everything a little longer. Now the chickpeas enter with their cooking water – the amount is a little up to taste but I guess that I’d use two or three cups of chickpeas-as-if-drained and as much water as there is. I add fresh water until there is enough soup and bring the whole to the boil. I mash some of the chickpeas with a fork against the side of the pan, but not too many.

In the meantime I have been in the garden for some fresh mint. Ideally, I would also have thoroughly washed a few fists full of fresh spinach and hacked it roughly – but frozen spinach nuggets work pretty well too. The spinach and the chopped mint enter the simmering soup.

I cut a 200-gram bit of boneless salmon into one-inch-cubes and set aside. I squeeze at least half a lemon. The lemon juice is the first to enter the soup, then I taste and adjust salt. Remember that the salmon cubes are still waiting: the soup should be pretty sour and not too bland. Now I stepwise fine-tune the spices: some freshly ground black pepper, some spicy paprika and a little cumin, testing all the time.

Test a few of the carrot cubes: if they have softened, add the salmon and cook only until it is done, not a second longer. Check once more for salt and lemony-ness and serve. Something for a summer meal on the balcony with a glass of dry white wine.


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