sweet dreams

Last night, I dreamed that I attended a large birthday party. They were just beginning to hand around cakes, brownies, pastry and stuff – lots and lots. I believe I saw about 20 items in huge piles, chocolaty ones, flaky ones and some big bits with thick layers of sugary gleaming icing.

I had just managed to think that I’d better skip most of the powdery brownies (while munching one) and other lesser kinds in favor of the ones with the most icing when I woke up.

We do have homemade bread and nice jams, and I can make quite a decent pot of tea, but after this dream no breakfast was good enough to console me. After driving Robin to the train station, I bought a bar of fairtrade milk chocolate and ate it. I looked in the pantry – there was a bit of the Dutch Droste caramel chocolate left. I ate even that. Tonight, we dug deep into our cookie-dough and chocolate chip ice cream. It is now 11:58 p.m. and I am, for the first time today, feeling okay again.

This was almost as bad as when I was six years old and dreamed that I had gotten an electric train.


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