banana chunkz 1977 style

The recently announced Split Banana in Staunton is, we hear, a smashing success. Their ice cream is too good for words; great enough to make people return multiple times and once more; people line up on the pavement all the way to Waynesboro – okay, only half the way. The story of the day that came through the phone punctuated by attacks of howling laughter is the creation of Easter Sunday Peep gelato, the production of which was substantially slowed down by the fact that Peeps are, as everyone knows, indestructible. Can’t wait for the next idea.

These experiments bring back dear memories from times long gone. Once upon a time, 1977 in darkest Kingston just across the Susquehanna river from Wilkes Barre, the Street Corner Banana Split was still a huge mug full of pure unrefined bliss.

How? You fill your huge mug halfway with vanilla ice cream. You add a fistful of hot, salted large peanuts. You add coarsely chopped chunks of banana up to the rim of the mug. You add wayyy too much hot chocolate sauce and you cover this with a mountain of whipped cream.


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