kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed III

Robin grew up in Virginia and she introduced what she and her family calls regular tongs in my kitchen. I use them for outdoor grilling and I thought that I never needed another pair of tongs.

Then Robin got a cast-iron wok, and with it came a pair of bamboo forceps. I got into the habit of using these for getting hold of the occasional warped bit of bread that gets stuck in the toaster (I don’t appreciate having to run down to turn on the main power switch again, every time I try to retrieve a piece of bread by using my fork). Of course the glue line between the bamboo parts was faulty and broke after a few weeks. Because I am a lazy workshop person, I never got around to flattening the surfaces properly, heating a pot of hide glue and re-assembling the parts. Instead I came across a pair of 28cm long heat-resistant plastic tongs at the local store.

For a kitchen item that was impulse-bought because of my unfocused laziness, they are having a glorious career. They still do reside on top of the toaster for the sake of convenience, but I use them for about anything in the kitchen. Breading fish or Wienerschnitzel, turning hamburgers, tuna chunks or chicken bits, tasting stew, removing bay leaves, lemon grass or bones from a stock, and stirring pretty much everything that needs stirring. No idea what I did before I got these.


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