tuna sale

Last summer, Hannas fisk was renamed Bollebygds fisk, and is since then run by Hassan, who offers fish and a friendly smile. Food seems to sell well in Bollebygd. The community is growing. There are many people who work in the city (Göteborg) but live here and buy their stuff here. Today (Saturday), Hassan had a pile of tuna slices left, and instead of consigning them to the freezer or letting them get old over the weekend, he sold us a bag full for a substantial discount. Once at home the tuna turned out to be absolutely fabulously fresh (like everything sold at Bollebygds fisk). We hope that his fantastic attitude will safeguard Hassan’s survival as an inmate of the Bolle supermarket: never disappoint a customer with mediocre goods. If more people were really truly quality-minded, he would already have had to expand his place. I have not seen any other fish seller in these parts with such high standards.

Some of them have actually rather curious ways. When my daughter was around five years old, a fish-man in Borås scared her out of her wits by poking his big finger into the eye of a large salmon on display (needless to say, I had noticed that that eye didn’t look too fresh). Now why would he do such a thing if he wanted to keep the accompanying parent as a customer?

Some time earlier I had obtained a slice of halibut at the same place which turned out to be so well seasoned that I threw the bag from the kitchen counter right into the trash. I live 16 km from Borås, and I didn’t want to keep the fish until the next time I went there. Later the lady at the counter told me what to do in a situation like this: put the stinking fish into the freezer and bring it along next time you visit the shop. Oh and: yes, according to her, the smell had nothing to do with freshness, actually, sometimes halibut develops a smell…


In any case, Hassan is my hero.


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